Immunobiology Graduate Students

Welcome New Students!

The Immunobiology Interdepartmental Graduate Program welcomes John Christiansen this fall. We are very excited to have him here at Iowa State University!


John Christiansen

John is a graduate of Cornell College where he earned a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with a minor in Philosophy. He joins Iowa State University to pursue a PhD degree in Immunobiology. John is currently completing research lab rotations with faculty of interest. Following the completion of his research rotations in the spring, John will be selecting his major professor and home lab. 

Through a summer research internship at the University of Iowa, John had the opportunity to design, construct, and implement a CRISPR system to knock out suspected genomic regulatory elements inducing a 20 bp deletion in a suspected BCL6 regulation sight. The combination of coursework and research experiences as an undergraduate have helped inspire his areas of research interest, which broadly include immunology and virology, particularly how viruses evade immune action. 

Why did John choose Iowa State University and the Immunobiology Graduate Program?

Among the many opportunities that Iowa State University provides to its graduate students, the interdisciplinary nature of the program and strong virology faculty are among the reasons John chose Iowa State University and the Immunobiology Graduate Program for pursuing his doctoral degree.