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Concurrent DVM-Immunobiology Graduate Students

Combined DVM-Immunobiology Graduate Students

The Immunobiology Graduate Program at Iowa State University encourages applications from graduates of DVM, MD, and other professional programs. In most cases a sequential completion of professional – graduate school programs is recommended. In special circumstances the Immunobiology Graduate Program may consider applications for concurrent DVM/Immunobiology graduate studies. For DVM students applying to Immunobiology, a plan should be submitted with the application materials that details how the graduate and professional programs will be integrated. This needs to include when course work and research will be scheduled. This letter should also provide an estimate of when the preliminary and final exams would be taken. As there is no significant overlap between the Immunobiology and DVM curricula, no decrease in time to graduate degree is expected by combining programs. The proposed major advisor will need to supply a letter of support that indicates how the student’s stipend, benefits, and tuition will be covered following completion of the DVM degree. In addition to approval by the Immunobiology Admissions Committee, all combined DVM/graduate student requests must be approved by the College of Veterinary Medicine Associate Deans of Research and Academic Affairs. Request forms for concurrent DVM/Graduate programs can be found on the Graduate College Student Forms webpage.