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Curriculum Requirements for Graduate Students Seeking a Minor in Immunobiology

Graduate students studying at Iowa State University with an interest in completing an Immunobiology minor for their PhD are required to complete the following curriculum requirements which consist of 12 credit hours of coursework including core courses and approved electives.

Students MUST be approved for the minor by the Immunobiology program and must follow Graduate College guidelines for POS Committee membership.

Graduate students wishing to seek a minor in Immunobiology are encouraged to contact the IMBIO Interdepartmental Graduate Program Coordinator for further information.  Inquiries can be submitted to

A letter from you stating why you would like to pursue a minor in Immunobiology and a letter of support would be needed from your major advisor. 

Immunobiology Minor Curriculum at the PhD level includes

1. One course in each of the two categories:

Category A (3-4 credit hours)
VMPM 520Medical Immunology I3 creditsFall
VMPM 575Immunology3 creditsSpring
Category B (2-3 credit hours)
VMPM 615Molecular Immunology3 creditsAlt. Fall,
Odd Years
VMPM 629Advance Topics in Cellular Immunology2 creditsAlt. Spring, Even Years

2. One enrollment in:

IMBIO 602Current Topics Workshop in Immunobiology1 creditFall

 3. Elective hours - Minimum of 2 courses from any of the following:

Elective course options
VMPM 629Advanced Topics in Cellular Immunology2 creditsAlt. Spring, Even Years
VMPM/Micro 625Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis3 creditsAlt. Spring, Odd Years
VMPM 608Molecular Virology3 creditsAlt. Fall,
Even Years
VMPM 540Livestock Immunogenetics2 creditsAlt. Spring, Odd Years
GDCB 528Advances in Molecular Cell Biology3 creditsAlt. Fall,
Even Years
Vet Path 655Cellular and Molecular Pathology I3 creditsAlt. Spring, Odd Years
Vet Path 656Cellular and Molecular Pathology II3 creditsAlt. Spring, Even Years
BBMB 645Molecular Signaling2 creditsAlt. Spring, Odd Years
MICRO 508Virology3 creditsFall
MICRO 554Virology1 creditSpring