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Financing Your Graduate Education

Immunobiology students receive a stipend to help cover living expenses.  Depending on the degree track, and provided that the student remains in good academic standing, the assistantship provides partial or full tuition scholarship.  Graduate students receiving an assistantship will also receive paid single coverage health insurance.  Additional information about student health insurance can be found on the Students & Scholar Health Insurance Program (SSHIP) website.


Current IMBIO graduate students are supported by graduate assistantships.  Graduate assistantships can be research, teaching or a combination of the two.  Annual stipend rates typically range from $22,800 to $25,000 depending on the assistantship or fellowship received.  IMBIO first year, PhD students who enter via rotation receive the first several months of support from the program.  The current rotation assistantship provides a stipend of $2,300 per month.  It is expected that rotation students will choose a Major Professor who will pick up their financial assistantship by the end of their initial graduate assistantship award.  Thereafter financial support continues through the research grant(s) of the Major Professor and may vary in amount from that during rotations.  MS students or PhD students who are admitted directly are supported by their Major Professor from the start.  When choosing rotations and a major professor it is important to discuss available funding.  


Tuition and the accompanying fees are charged each term (Fall, Spring, & Summer).  Graduate students who are receiving a graduate assistantship (research, teaching, or both), and who remain in good academic standing, receive a tuition scholarship.  PhD students on a 1/2 time appointment receive 100% tuition scholarship.  MS students on a 1/2 time appointment receive 50% tuition scholarship.  The fees assessed once each semester are the responsibility of the student.  It is of note that for students supported by a graduate assistantship, tuition is assessed at an in-state rate.  For current and detailed information, please refer to the following tuition & fees website hosted by the Office of the Registrar.