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New Student Orientation

For new graduate students, the academic year begins with an orientation period which is designed to ease the transition to graduate study at Iowa State.  It is a time to become acquainted with the Immunobiology Program and its members, and to prepare for registration and the start of classes.  Typical orientation activities include the following:

  1. Program Check-In
  2. Obtaining an ISU ID card and email address
  3. Signing up for payroll
  4. Health insurance enrollment
  5. Lab safety training
  6. Review of program expectations, curriculum, and lab rotations
  7. Course registration
  8. Interactions with program faculty and graduate students

For International Students

International student orientation activities often begin before the program orientation.  International students have an additional check-in with the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO), health screenings, review of visa regulations, and placement exams.  You will receive an ISSO orientation schedule in addition to the program orientation schedule.